This project utilized a full range of our Specialty Services including:

  • Heat Exchanger Retubing
  • Onsite Preheat and Post Weld Heat Treating
  • Field Machining
  • Welding using "R" Stamp Certification
    Field Retubing Inlet channel was cut away from the tube sheet prior to bundle removal.
    Field Retubing Tube sheet is cut from shell and tubes are severed for tube bundle removal. Bundle is rigged up and extracted using hydraulic tube bundle extractor.
    Field Retubing Once the bundle is removed from the shell, the tubes are stripped from the skelaton.
    Field Retubing The shell and skelaton are hydroblasted and the skelaton is reloaded with new tubes.
    Field Retubing Cleaning of tube sheet
    Field Retubing Reinsertion of bundle into shell
    Field Retubing Rewelding of tube sheet and inlet channel, which also involved Post Weld Heat Treating of closing seems using an inert gas purge.