Phoenix Services offers a complete line of onsite services for heat exchangers including repair, alteration, testing, and inspection as well as repair and alterations to pressure vessels and tanks. More specifically these services include:

  • Heat Exchangers (Shell and Tube, Fin-Fan, Boilers and Condensors)
  • Partial or Full Retubes [ view pictures ]
  • Replacement of Tube Sheets
  • Shell Repairs and Alterations
  • Test and Inspection [ view pictures ]
  • Tube Plugging
  • Sample Tube Removal/Replacement
  • Rebuilding/Retubing air cooled "Fin-Fan" Coolers
  • Storage Tanks (up to 30' in diameter)
    • Repair/Replacement of Shell, Head and Floor Sections
    • Rebuilding of entire tanks
    • Nozzle/Manway attachment, repair and replacement
  • Speciality Welding [ view pictures ]
    • Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Tanks and Piping
    • "R" Stamp Certification
    • Repair and Alterations
    • Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel Stainless Steels, Nickel Based Alloys

Partial or Full Retubes

Mechanical Services Mechanicl Services Division mobile equpiment workshop
Mechanical Services Partial Retubing of a fixed tube sheet heat exchanger (vacuum jet condenser at elevation approximately 100'). Using unique continuous action hydraulic tube puller. Heat exchanger specification 60" O.D. x 20' O.A.L. with approximately 800 " 14 gauge carbon steel tubes.
Location: Houston, Texas
Mechanical Services Rebuilding of a stainless steel tube bundle with stainless steel tie rods and spacers. Approximately 750 3/4" x 12 gauge SA240 Type 316L stainless steel tubes.
Location: Texas Gulf Coast
Mechanical Services Fabrication of 8' diameter x 40' O.A.L. Bundle
Location: Venezuela
Mechanical Services Retubing of a 4 pass Main Steam Condenser consisting of 32,000 1" stainless steel 20 gauge tubes during a major outage in a 500 MW fossil fuel power plant.
Location: Iowa
Mechanical Services Retubing of a main steam condensor in a 500 MW oil fossil fuel power plant.
Mechanical Services Technician removing tubes utilizing a high speed tube traveler.
Mechanical Services Overall view of a field tubing project including crainage and rigging prior to bundle removal of a horizontal heat exchanger on the Louisiana Gulf Coast approximately 6' O.D. x 3 1/2" W.T. with 3 1/2" thick tube sheet containing approximately 6600 3/4" tubes 65' O.A.L.
[click to view pictures of full project sequence]

Test and Inspection

Mechanical Services Test and Inspection of heat exchanger. Technician gauging tube sheet and baffles in a main steam condenser utilizing "GO", "NO GO" Gauges.

Speciality Welding

Mechanical Services Field Fabrication of nozzle assembly using GTAW welding
Mechanical Services Seal welding of tube to tube sheet joints using GTAW welding approximately 2000 " seal welds

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