Just imagine streamlining your furnace repairs to just one contractor!
Phoenix Services has the unique ability to combine our specialty divisions which possess all the necessary disciplines to provide mechanical re-tubing and repairs of Process Heaters, Furnaces, Olefins Cracking Furnaces, and Crude Heaters. This includes welding, cutting and beveling furnace pipe and tubes, pre-heating during installation, and the subsequent stress relieving.

Process Furnace and Heater Capabilities

  • Process Furnace and Heater full or partial retubes
  • Process Furnace and Heater tube prefabrication, fabrication, and installation
  • Skin and burner repairs and replacement
Fabrication of Furnace Piping (Material Incoloy 800 HT)
Fabrication of Process Heater Piping
Machining of Process Furnace Fitting (5" x 5" x 14" Y Piece)